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H2O2 is not patentable. So the Drug Companies would lose billions of dollars in lost drug sales when this simple therapy becomes generally acceptable and popular.

We can count on the TGA who normally work in collusion with the drug industry to pull every dirty trick imaginable to stop this therapy from becoming acceptable. They may even declare H2O2 an “Investigational NEW Drug” and demand millions of dollars worth of trials that could take decades, should any product developer try to seek an approval for medicinal usage.

The final straw will be organized medicine. Most doctors will probably resist this new and unusual treatment in spite of numerous experimental results proving its safety and efficacy. This is because of greed, pride, ignorance and bigotry that always accounts for their failure to change to anything that is new.

Hydrogen peroxide treatment was not the only promising line of research that was dropped with the advent of the pharmaceutical revolution, which started around 1940. Homeopathy, herbology, electro-medicine and many others were literally thrown out. Drugs were in. That’s where the research money was (and still is) spent. Drugs were going to solve all of our medical problems, but we now know that many drugs are failing and are not going to solve all of our medical problems.

Textbooks have warned of gas embolism, a dreaded condition causing strokes through oxygen bubbles in the brain or heart which could result from intravenous injections of hydrogen peroxide. Some textbooks also state that Hydrogen peroxide has always been toxic to cells. They were so wrong. It has now been proven that weak solutions of H2O2 are not toxic and are essential to life’s processes. The generation of H2O2 in cellular processes cannot be dismissed as a mere undesirable byproduct.


Hydrogen peroxide appears in traces in nature in the form of rain or snow. H2O2 is a powerful oxidizer and it will oxidize toxic and non-toxic substances alike in the natural environment. Many of the “Healing Springs” throughout the world contain “holy water” with above average hydrogen peroxide concentrations. This is completely separate from Hydrogen Peroxides role as an oxygen contributor to our bodies. We talk about aerobic microbes that need oxygen and anaerobic microbes that will be inactivated in the presence of oxygen. We produce H2O2 from the white blood cells in our blood to fight infectious invaders that could cause illnesses.

Hydrogen peroxide has always been assumed to be toxic to our cells by orthodox medicine. The truth is that hydrogen peroxide breaks down very rapidly on entering the bloodstream to water and free or nascent oxygen (O1). This nascent oxygen (O1) is usually released in less than one-tenth of a second to a maximum time of two seconds when mixed with human blood.

It is also true that H2O2 is an essential metabolite, which means it is essential to life’s processes. With H2O2 therapy the blood becomes super saturated with oxygen. It is called hyperopia. The magnitude of saturation is far greater than can be obtained with the expensive and cumbersome hyperbaric chamber oxygen therapy (HBO) with two atmospheres pressure. Which is as far as they will dare go, as any pressure above that can lead to serious consequences. It has been proven that with H2O2 injected into a blood vessel it will deliver oxygen up to four times that of the HBO chamber.

H2O2 is soluble in water at all concentrations and the solution will dismutate (break down) slowly when undisturbed at about 1% per month. It has a melting point of minus 2 degrees Celsius and a boiling point of 152 degrees Celsius. It is stable even when it is heated. It will dismutate very rapidly in the presence of contaminates such as dust, metal or even glass and given the right conditions it may even become explosive. Cold retards the dismutation of solutions and they may be refrigerated for storage at temperatures below zero degrees Celsius.

All species of animals do not react the same with H2O2 because there are species difference in the amount of catalase enzyme content between man and other animals. So results of tests on animals are not applicable to man. Dogs and chickens have very low catalase levels, so they have very poor tolerance to H2O2. In fact you can kill them with H2O2. However in man catalase is very abundant in both plasma and red blood cells and becomes significantly elevated in disease such as rheumatoid arthritis. Catalase in the blood is the essential enzyme, that on contact with hydrogen peroxide will react and convert the H2O2 back into water and nascent oxygen which render it harmless and non- reactive.

H2O2 is ammunition to your ‘killer cells’ the Monocytes and Leukocytes that engulf the invading bacteria, virus or fungus with a respiratory burst containing H2O2 that effectively zaps the invading pathogen. If white cells did not produce H2O2 the bacteria, etc., would have taken over long ago. H2O2 is our important bodyguard and is our all-purpose executioner when it comes to controlling pathogens. No other chemical compound comes even close to H2O2.

H2O2 is important to all of life’s vital processes. Protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism, vitamin and mineral metabolism, immunity and anything else involving life’s functions require the presence of this amazing molecule that carries an extra oxygen atom.

There are over 10,000 articles in the scientific literature dating from 1920 on the applications of hydrogen peroxide. It is inconceivable that the astounding cures reported in scientific journals have been ignored. Are they blind or are they deliberately resisting this well researched therapy?

Gerald Hancock

Hydrogen Peroxide Protocol 2016


Always consult your health care professional for guidance for all medical conditions. Nothing “quoted” above by the “research scientists” and “scientific records” from ancient and recent publications should be considered as medical advice. It is information that is available in the
public domain, and is for information and education purposes only.

We make no medical claims as to the benefits accruing from the use of Kalaya Hydrogen Peroxide treated water.




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