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Kalaya is one of the many Australia aboriginal words used to identify the Australian emu (Dromaius novahollandiar). This large flightless bird was originally found throughout Australia and it was once a source of food and medicine for aborigines. It once lived and roamed freely throughout Australia from the Snowy Mountains "high country" to the dry red dusty deserts of central Australia.

The emu is also found with the kangaroo on the Australia Coat of Arms , and both these unique animals were chosen because they are known not to take a step backwards. Neither will Kalaya.

Kalaya started in Queensland over 22 years ago by becoming involved in the early days of emu farming. This led us into the study of Indigenous Aboriginal medicines. We quickly realised that the aborigines knew that Emu oil possessed almost magical healing powers. This became scientific fact when we discovered the right type of emu oil (highly biologically active) had the ability to relieve the pain caused by inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, asthma, and inflammatory bowel disorders.

Some proponents claim that it is one of natures best healing remedies. Emu oil was found to be a desirable food that when taken daily acted as a valuable preventative medicine and a useful complementary medication that was highly effective and very safe with no known side effects.

The aborigines were recognised as one of the healthiest races on the planet, and they had developed more medicinal knowledge than any other culture on the planet, which probably meant they had found the cures for most of their ailments.

Their knowledge of the healing powers of the plant and animal foods they encountered in the bush has been authenticated by the fact that they understood and used over 900 different medications. You might call it the first alternative medicine!

Emu oil, Eucalyptus oils, Tea-tree oil, the narcotic from the the Pituri bush that was mixed with ash and gum and used to nullify the pain from injuries are just a few examples. We are interested studying the value of organic food and a healthy diet on wellness.

As Kalaya developed during the late 1990's it started to diversify by investigating other healing modalities which included, the medicinal use of silver, electroceuticals, essential oils, and the emerging field of Quantum Resonance Technology. Compare the market, we are pretty unique.

As a continuation of this progressive approach, Kalaya turned some of its focus toward the health care benefits of nonlinear analysis devices.

The Metatron System was designed in Russia by professor Vladimir Igorevich Nesterov. (manufacturers website)

The MetAtron devices are originally founded upon the work of Royal Raymond Rife. (Royal Rife Frequency kills Paramecium)

Metatron Hunter is a software system that analyses organs, tissues, blood cells etc. in just a few minutes to identify possible illnesses in real-time. It can offer appropriate remedies, whether they be allopathic, homeopathic or plant-based.

This innovative, sophisticated technology is non-invasive and makes it possible to conduct a reliable diagnostic quickly and easily using software imagery. It uses the theoretical concept of entropic variability of the subject's torsion fields.

These devices were used by Russian Astronauts to enable them to stay in space for very long periods without catastrophic physical decay. (about the award)

We expect these devices to be useful in assessing individuals involved in almost all sports, including: Artistic Gymnastics, Athletics, Baseball, Basketball, Canoeing, Cricket, Cycling, Diving, Football, Golf, Hockey, Netball, Rowing, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Sailing, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball, Water polo.

We distribute, train and certify operator competency for these non linear scanners throughout Australia. If you are in Brisbane or Queensland, Sydney or New South Wales, Melbourne or Victoria, Hobart or Tasmania, Adelaide or South Australia, Perth or Western Australia, Darwin or Northern Territory, Canberra or Australian Capital Territory then please contact us directly.

Kalaya is a distributor in Australia and New Zealand and the South Pacific Island where we distribute, train and certify operator competency relating to Metatron Systems devices. Kalaya has gone from the dreamtime to the space age, but because we know that the truth is stranger than fiction, we will let truth chart our course.

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