• Iodine can be TOXIC and should only be used as recommended by a respected Health Practitioner.
  • Never ingest iodine directly from the dropper.
  • Lugol’s Iodine can cause serious burning and internal damage if not diluted with water
  • Never take more than >10 drops in water at any one time.
  • Always mix with at least 100 ml of water before ingesting this Lugol’s Iodine Solution.
  • Keep out of reach of children.


  • Our “Policy” is that we will not sacrifice quality for any reason.
  • Our “Lugol’s Iodine” has been produced to our specifications by a well established, quality conscious, health supplement manufacturer in Australia.
  • Iodine solution can produce a very small amount of gas during storage which may stain the enclosed paper information sheet and the box. This does not indicate quality standards of the product has deteriorated.


    • Iodine deficiency is a worldwide problem.
    • Diets deficient in iodine can result in many severe medical conditions.
    • Without adequate iodine levels, life itself would not be possible.
    • It is necessary for the production of all of the hormones of the body, particularly the production of the thyroid hormones.
    • Iodine, unlike many vitamins and minerals, is not present in adequate amounts in most foods.
    • Iodine is found in many ocean foods such as fish (cod, sea bass, haddock and perch) and sea vegetables (seaweed and Kelp).
    • Laminara is a brown Kelp which has an extremely high Iodine content



  • Every cell in the body contains and utilizes iodine.
  • Iodine is concentrated mainly in the glandular systems of the body.
  • The Thyroid gland contains a higher concentration of iodine than any other organ of the body. Without iodine the thyroid gland will become inactive.
  • Iodine is also stored in the salivary glands, breasts, cerebrospinal fluid and the brain.


    • It is necessary to get your iodine levels elevated and to do this daily supplementation with the correct amount could be necessary.
    • The required daily intake of iodine necessary for maintaining iodine sufficiency for the whole body is at least 13mg per day.
    • The Thyroid gland holds a total of approximately 5mg of iodine. The breasts need 6mg per day, which leaves 2mg a day for the rest of the body.
    • On that basis, the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of 150ug/day is totally inadequate
    • Clinical experience has proven beyond doubt that a combination of iodine/iodide (Lugol’s or Iodoral) is much more effective that an iodide only supplement


  • We at Kalaya, and our friends, all take at least 10 drops mixed with >100ml of water every day.
  • We do not drink any water that contains
  • We do not eat any product (Bakery) that contains
  • Bromine has been used in bread since the early 1960’s when it replaced iodine as anti-caking agent.
  • Bromine replaced iodine in bread completely by the 1980’s. This was a tremendous mistake.
  • Iodine supplementation causes the body to excrete larger amounts of bromide.


  • The toxic halogens such as Bromine, chloride and Fluoride will both cause harm to the body. All should be avoided.
  • Bromine is a toxic element and has no place for ingestion by man. Bromide is a “halide’ (as is iodine, fluoride, and chloride). All halides compete with one another for absorption and receptor binding in the body.
  • Bromine interferes with iodine utilization in the Thyroid as well as wherever else iodine would normally concentrate in the (glands) body.
  • The replacement of iodine with bromine not only increased the incidents of iodine deficiency it increased the levels of bromide in the population
  • Bromine is a toxic substance that has no therapeutic use in our bodies.
  • Any level of bromide could possibly cause health problems.


    • People allergic to any ingredient in “Lugol’s Iodine Solution” should not use this product.
    • We believe that Iodised table salt, promoted to prevent Goitre in the Thyroid Gland, is a poison and should be avoided


  • To avoid contamination never touch dropper tip of the bottle to any surface
  • Replace cap correctly after using.
  • Keep container tightly closed when not in use.
  • Discard any remaining solution after 4 years after first opening.


  • To avoid contamination never touch dropper tip of the bottle to any surface
  • Replace cap correctly after using.
  • Keep container tightly closed when not in use.
  • Discard any remaining solution after 4 years after first opening.


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