Blue Light Colloidal Metallic Silver Generator

$350.00 $333.00


An electronic device which produces high-quality LunasolTM Colloidal Metallic Silver conveniently for only a few cents a litre. A curious scientific oddity and coincidence enabled us to discover, develop and produce our “LunasolTM Blue Light Colloidal Metallic Silver” with even more potent stable metallic silver particles (>50%), that appear to be smaller and more uniform in size, shape and electrical charge than previously.

Your Lunasol Colloidal Silver Generator will produce over 50% Colloidal Metallic Silver particles at a concentration of approximately 6 ppm. Store your “Home-Made” Colloidal Metallic Silver at room temperature and take between 35mm up to 100ml per day. The silver particles will build up to around 12 to 14 ppm within your body before normal elimination takes place.