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Dr. Kazuhiko Asai was born on the 30th of March, 1908

Dr. Kazuhiko Asai published this famous book on Germanium in 1980, it was published by Japan Publications and was out of print by 1989.



Since its discovery, the history of metallic germanium (atomic number 32, atomic weight 72.60, and density 5.36) has been full of interesting episodes. The existence of the germanium element was foreseen over 100 years ago by the Russian chemist, Dimitri Mendeleev. Mendeleev, the proponent of the periodic law (Stating that the properties of the elements are periodic functions of their atomic weights) not only listed the properties of the then known elements but also theorised the existence of several undiscovered elements. In his periodic table, which he used to illustrate the law, he left certain gaps for the yet to be discovered elements. The 32nd position was for an element whose properties he predicted and referred to as “ekasilicon.” Mendeleev’s theory of new elements proved correct. They began to be discovered with qualities remarkable similar to those which he predicted: Two appeared soon after he announce the law of ‘gallium’ in 1875 and ‘scandium’ in 1879.


In 1886, a German chemist, Clemens Winkler, while making a chemical analysis of the ore argyrodite, noticed on completion of his analysis that the sum of all the ingredients did not add up to the original quantity. At first he attributed this to some substance that had escaped in the vapour produced when the ore was being heated with chloride ions in an acid solution. In efforts to locate the missing substance, he developed and experimented with several assays until he eventually succeeded in isolating it. In subsequent analyses he discovered that it fitted the description of the element Mendeleev had earlier called “ekasilicon.” Winkler decided to name the new element ‘Germanium’ in tribute to his fatherland.


When Dr. Kazuhiro Asai published his famous book on Germanium 1n 1980. It was published in Japan and was out of print in 1989. Born in 1908 in China where he studied mining and metallurgy, he worked in Berlin until 1945 when he returned to Japan. He established the Coal Research Institute where he discovered Germanium in the coal samples. In 1969 he founded the Asai Germanium Research Institute.



In appearance, germanium is a metal, but it is completely without metallic properties. Many scientists in various countries refer to it as a non-metal, while in Japan where Dr. Asai did his research they tend to classify it as a semimetal. Usually, it is referred to merely as a semiconducting substance. Germanium complexes are a man-made blend of germanium, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. They include germanium-132 (Ge-132) and germanium sesquioxide.


Organic germanium compound can be regarded as an effective means of combating almost any disease. Their healing powers may be attributed to the fact that it brings about a sharp increase in the body’s supply of oxygen: A patient will feel a certain warmth surging throughout his body within 10 minutes or so after taking the compound – some people actually feel as if they have been given a mixture that included alcohol. Yawning soon ceases, blood becomes less viscous and complexions take on a healthy glow. Carbon monoxide poisoning is quickly healed, and people feel cheerful, sleep soundly and wake in good humour. They also show evidence of increased mental powers, along with numerous other overall positive effects.


Germanium enriches the body’s oxygen supply, and one is helped to heal from disease by his/her own powers. Everyone knows that oxygen is absolutely essential for sustaining life. Dr. Asai says, that the sick must take only germanium, add prayer and a positive intention to it and use no (prescription) medicine in addition. If used in conjunction with other medicines its effectiveness is diminished.



Regarding the toxicity of organic germanium, the results of tests have shown organic germanium to be non-toxic and completely harmless. No chemical or physical side effects caused by geranium have been observed either clinically or biochemically. A phenomenon that occasionally bothers patients who are prescribed organic germanium could best be explained as a cure reaction (deceptive phenomenon in Chinese medical herb therapy) which causes a certain condition to become worse. When viewed from the patients’ viewpoint this symptom may be suspected as being a side effect. This sensation is also known as the healing-crisis or the Herxheimer reaction. The severity of the Herx reaction is often an indicator of just how much toxicity there was in the body to begin with and is an indicator of the effectiveness of the treatment. It is actually a sign that the body is restoring itself to good health, for example cleaning out dead microbes like bacteria and viruses.


No matter how much organic germanium is given to animals, there has been no lethal level reported. The more they get, the more active they become. In the Drugs, Cosmetics, and Medical instruments Act, the lethal amount is reached when half the animals die by overdosing. With germanium there is no lethal amount. Therefore, it is a health-giving substance rather than a medicine. Repeated use has not caused any side effects or any other complaint up to the present time, nor do researchers expect any in the future


The fact, all traces of germanium are discharged from the body through the digestive tract and urine within 20 to 30 hours eliminates the possibility of building up a toxic overload.



The first condition for ensuring the recovery of a person afflicted with disease is that they must have a firm conviction that they will recover. The sick must do the healing and not the doctors or the medicines. The expression “Heaven helps those who help themselves,” should not be taken lightly. “God may give you a chestnut but God won’t crack it and take it out of the shell for you.”


The second condition is the maintaining of a proper diet. For maintaining health or curing a disease, it is important to adhere to a diet that includes food which will keep the pH of the body fluids slightly alkaline at 7.2 to 7.4. As mentioned previously, maximum effort should be made to maintain a healthy balanced diet to prevent the blood and body fluids from excessive acidity, which happens if there is an excessive intake of hydrogen ions which consume the body oxygen and literally pollute the blood. A well balanced raw food diet will maintain the acid/alkali equilibrium of the body fluids. To ensure that the body functions normally, hydrogen must be removed. Excessive hydrogen creates an acid environment. For complete removal of hydrogen from an acid environment a large quantity of oxygen is needed. The germanium compound with its strong dehydrogenating effect takes the place of the free oxygen in the body fluids by combining with hydrogen to eliminate the latter from the body. In fact, all traces of germanium are discharged from the body through the digestive tract within 20 to 30 hours.


The third condition. If no effort is made to maintain a healthy mind by avoiding stress and an imbalanced diet, a continuing oxygen deficiency will result. Psychological, financial, Nutritional, Environmental pollution, Microbial infestations, Medication side effects, self induced Radiation and Negative Thinking will all contribute to an uncontrollable acidic and oxygen staved unhealthy body. Before any healing can be expected, it is important to repair all of the above conditions.



There is a lot of fear out there in the world today, particularly when it comes to cancer, Alzheimers, Multiple sclerosis, infertility, diabetes, obesity, etc. Chronic illness has become one of the most widespread issues of our time. Often a visit to a Doctor’s office does not give clarity. Individuals become sidelined from life, they put aside their dreams to deal with the singular task of survival. Sometimes they just give-up and lose the fight. They die from fear not from the health issue.




Text Box: Number of Electron Energy Levels:  4

     First Energy Level:          2 
	Second Energy Level:      8 
	Third Energy Level:        18 
	Fourth Energy Level:       4

Germanium ores are rare. Germanium is a hard, greyish-white element that has a metallic lustre and the same crystalline structure as a diamond. In its pure state, this metalloid is crystalline, brittle and retains its lustre in the air at room temperature. A 1% alloy of germanium with silver prevents the silver from tarnishing. Germanium is also a semiconductor with electrical properties between those of a metal and an insulator. As an important semiconductor it has been mainly used in transistors and integrated electrical circuits.



The cause of most diseases commonly lies in oxygen deficiency. The supply of oxygen throughout the body depends on the haemoglobin in the red blood cells. White blood cells also contain antibodies that grapple with the pathogens that can cause diseases. Most disease-causing pathogens are anaerobic and cannot survive in an oxygen-rich environment. For this reason, we should aim at improving the oxygen in the blood as a means to cure or prevent these diseases and even cancer cells. Red blood cells have the ability to carry and disperse the negatively charged oxygen ions to all parts of the body. The acidic hydrogen ions found in an acid environment combine with negatively charged oxygen in the hemoglobin to become water which will be excreted in the form of urine and sweat from the body and water vapour from the lungs. By removing the acidity from the infected area and the damaged cells, this  may help to create a healing environment.


You yourself must do the healing, and for that you need a tool. That tool is oxygen, occurring and active in your body, and germanium has the ability to produce it within you, particularly where it is needed. It would thus appear germanium compound has a kind of electro-biochemical action quite unlike the effect of conventional pharmaceuticals. For example, germanium increases the amount of oxygen transported by haemoglobin in the red blood cells. The supply of oxygen to tissue cells is thereby increased resulting in greater cellular activity.


On this basis, the amount of circulating oxygen which is so essential to life is increased to strengthen the body’s defences against the cause of any disease, and the production of the powerful defence protons or ‘interferons’ which are also increased, to join in the fight against the pathogens.



The organic or oxy-germanium compounds have a cubic structure with three negative oxygen ions around the germanium atom. The negative oxygen ions form at the base of a cubic triangle. Two cubic triangles whose bases face each other make a molecular cage. Any heavy metal accumulated in a living body is in a state of positive ions which would jump into and be trapped in the mesh structure of the negatively charged oxygen ions of the organic or oxy-germanium compound taken into the body. The germanium compound with its semiconducting properties is discharged completely from the body within about 20 hours after its intake. On its way out it not only captures any heavy metal accumulated in the body but discharges itself with the trapped heavy metal from the body. Germanium does not accumulate or build up inside the body as do the heavy metals (mercury, lead etc.) and some of the other essential minerals such as calcium. On contact with the dreaded “cation” of a heavy metal that has accumulated in the body, germanium’s “anions” are said to combine easily with the heavy metal and 100% of the germanium with the trapped heavy metal will be excreted from the body in the form of urine and faeces.


The fact that many germanium compound orally administered are absorbed by way of the intestines into the blood where it combines with blood cells to circulate through the body has been pathologically confirmed. Consequently, its remarkable efficacy has shown itself in the liver, lungs and brain cells where the blood flow is highest.  


The larger the dosage of germanium, the quicker will be the breakthrough. When the dosage is to be increased it is usually after the healing crisis phenomenon has occurred. The patient will normally be free of acute pain within about three days, and it will not be long before recovery is achieved.


In striking contrast to most of the allopathic medicines and drugs, an overdose of the germanium compound will produce no harmful effects. It will lower the blood pressure to the normal level, but never below that level. At present the germanium compound appears to be the only safe remedy for both hypertension (high blood pressure) and hypotension (low blood pressure).  



Why is germanium so miraculously effective against disease? The puzzle has not yet been fully solved, but the secret seems to lie in its molecular system. The Organic or oxy-germanium compound has strong hydrogen combining force due to the many unstable oxygen atoms in it molecular structure. The unstable oxygen is attracted to any hydrogen atoms to form water (H2O). When there is an oxygen deficiency in the human system, the blood becomes acid and sickness results. However, organic germanium because of its special tendency of hydrogen attachment unites with the acidic hydrogen which forms water and is then removed from the acidic area, and the oxygen that remains does its effective work in healing the damaged or diseased cells.


Germaniums healing effect seems to be more holistic than allopathic medicines that rely on poisoning the area. It acts on the body as a whole rather than on any specific symptom. “To put it more simply, organic or oxy-germanium, cures diseases by inducing the body’s own natural healing powers. By increasing the flow of oxygen, organic germanium stimulates latent natural healing powers existing in the human body, thereby resulting in a very effective cure of any illness. There is far less damage to any diseased area because Germanium is not poisonous like most Allopathic medicines.


At present the focus of world attention has been turned to the wonder medication “interferon”. The existence of this substance was first brought to light more than 20 years ago, and is considered one of the most significant medical discoveries since penicillin, particularly where cancer treatment is concerned. It would be quite proper to call interferon a natural healing substance. Interferon is produced within the body to protect the body from disease, and it is designed to support life, and does not, therefore, result in any undesirable side effects in other parts of the body. Organic or oxy-germanium compound, which induces the production of interferon, is also completely non-toxic and free of side effects. On this basis, the amount of circulating oxygen which is so essential to life is increased to strengthen the body’s defence against the cause of a disease, and the production of the powerful weapon interferon is also increased to join in the fight against the pathogens.


It also seems reasonable that the introduction of pseudo morphine anaesthetic agents called endorphins is stimulated in the body by germanium in much the same way as by acupuncture needles. In acupuncture, stimulation via the tsubo results (simple and natural relief without drugs) in the increased production and secretion of endorphin which in turn results in a healing effect. It is believed that future medical treatment will be centred around the use of these and similar substances. The basic concept is expressed as “Sho” in Oriental medicine, “Gesamtheit” in German, and “holistic” in English.


Conclusion: Oxygen-nutrition and Germanium

The apparent versatility of Organic Germanium in normalising health and alleviating major human diseases and dysfunctions, suggests that it acts at a fundamental level of life function. The known biological and clinical effects of Organic Germanium are consistent with Dr. Asai’s suggestion that it can (at least partially) substitute for or supplement oxygenation in our tissues. It could facilitate energy generation from high-energy electrons, akin to the well understood role of oxygen, as an “electron sink” essential for energy yielding electron transfer processes. In those cells which cannot utilize oxygen, i.e. cancer cells which actually are oxygen-sensitive, we might predict that its presence as an “oxygen-catalyst” could have therapeutic consequences.

The discovery of the biologic value of germanium sesquioxide and Dr. Asai’s “organic germanium compound” is a landmark development in the field of nutritional medicine. This breakthrough stems from Asai’s initial finding that Ge occurs in such high concentrations in medicinal plants. It appears that Asai has identified one of the main active principles accounting for the therapeutic action of many old-age remedies. The late Dr. Asai did not regard germanium as a drug. He stated “I would rather call it a health-giving substance — it restores health to those afflicted with disease, and sustains health in those who are healthy.”


Miracles are said to spring from waters of the grotto in Lourdes, France. In 1858, a young girl claimed that the Blessed Virgin Mary had visited her several times at the grotto. She said she was instructed to drink and bathe in the waters. Since then, more than 7,000 cures have been attributed to spat treatments at Lourdes. Some say that the high germanium content of the water may have something to do with it. Germanium is a chemical element that can be found in trace amounts in some ores and carbon-based materials. Some people promote it as a treatment for HIV, AIDS, cancer, and other conditions.




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