Hydrogen Peroxide 250ml



The only hydrogen peroxide that should be taken or used topically is food grade, diluted to a strength of no more than 3.5%, that is free from stabilisers or preservatives. This is referred to as ‘pharmaceutical grade’, it must not contain stabilisers or preservatives such as acetanilide, phenol, sodium stagnate, and tertra-sodium phosphate that pollutes most of the commercially available products available from the pharmacies.

You can use clean unpolluted hydrogen peroxide as a mouth wash. It can complement an equal mixture of Sodium Bicarbonate and Himalayan salt as the ideal toothpaste. It can be absorbed best through the skin by bathing in a bath with up to 5 litres of 3.5% hydrogen peroxide. You can inhale diluted hydrogen peroxide by using a nasal spray bottle and inhaling the mist deeply into your lungs and mouth, or using a vaporiser or humidifier. This drastically improves breathing and wards off colds and flu. Intravenous injections of hydrogen peroxide are illegal in Australia, although quite common in many overseas countries where this technique has been used for well over 40 years on hundreds of thousands or patients who have been treated safely and with amazing success.

Kalaya Products Hydrogen Peroxide 3.5% has a recommended shelf life of over 4 months. Do your own research, there are many books written by respected authors and are thousands of scientific studies that show how safe and effective oxygen therapy really is.

DO NOT use Hydrogen Peroxide if you have undergone organ transplants.