Pain Relieving Stimulator



An introduction to Pain relief

Pain removal using a recording of an amplified musical note played through a simple MP3 player or an IPod sounds impossible. However, there is considerable high-quality science backing this concept. The ‘frequency’ of 980 Hz (Hertz) found on a piano stimulates the resonance of a super fit human, without any pain.

This digital audio-driven electrical stimulation technology now incorporated into the PAIN REMOVING STIMULATOR (or PRS) device is quite amazing. The synaptic waveform is only the beginning of what will become electronic pharmacology. This non-invasive approach to alleviating symptoms of a variety of pain causing problems, and reducing their occurrence, is highly desirable. The technology avoids the adverse side effects associated with drug therapy, as well as dramatically reducing treatment costs.

Referred to as NEUROMODULATION, this is a departure from conventional medicine and the aim is not to cure a disease or remove an abnormal structure, but to enhance normal function or to reduce dysfunction by modulating the chemical and electrical properties of the nervous system structures. This stimulation “kick-starts” the healing process.

Leading-edge scientists and clinicians believe that in the not too distant future, electrical and/or chemical modulation will be the approach of choice. These non-invasive modalities have significant effects on many systems outside the nervous system. A large body of literature is already available on the treatment of chronic PAIN, movement disorders, intractable angina, peripheral vascular disease and treatments of viral conditions.

This bioelectric self-help device is properly termed a “Neuromodulator” which applies digital synaptic tone (sound frequencies) that encourages the brain to produce an accurate replica of a nerve signal. This artificially creates the ideal neurological activity that would be found in a healthy pain-free group of nerve cells.

The healing waves of electricity lightly tingle as they penetrate deeply into the nerves. All that is required is to stick the pads onto the area of pain and start the device. The device is non-invasive and promotes well-balanced brain chemistry, which can result in better sleep, better moods, prevent over-eating and reduce pain.

Regulatory authorities have not approved this PAIN REMOVING STIMULATOR and we make no claims whatsoever. It is experimental, but when we are hurting it only takes us a few minutes to stop the hurt and speed up the healing process.