Red Rash Remedy


125 ML


Red Rash Remedy, a unique blend of natural oils, is a potent germ fighting spray to relieve the trauma and irritations caused by skin infections. It is a spray-on product because an infectious rash is often easily spread by rubbing on a cream or ointment. To be able to spray this natural remedy, the natural ingredients are dissolved in a harmless penetrating enhancing solvent (isopropanol) that quickly evaporates on contact with the air, leaving the healing compounds spread evenly on the skin.

Red Rash Remedy is a combination of several natural ingredients that uniquely blend into a powerful gem fighting combination that quickly soothes and helps heal the most stubborn rashes and skin infections.

Pure Emu Oil is the principal healing component. Proven to contain similar essential fatty acids as human skin results in rapid wound healing, improve skin growth, healing with less scarring and is a skin conditioner that promotes skin softness. It does not clog the pores it is bacteriostatic and reduces inflammatory swelling.

Eucalyptus Oil is a gentle but powerful disinfectant that quickly kills infectious germs, and penetrates deeply into the tissue and brings fast pain relief. It has been traditionally steam distilled from the Blue Malle eucalyptus trees in central Victoria and is not a synthetic essence or imitation product.

Neem Oil is a legendary healing product that comes from a tree known as “The Village Pharmacy” throughout many parts of Asia. For any skin disease or skin allergy Neem Oil is considered the ultimate treatment. It is also a safe and effective insecticide and insect repellent. It is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

Tea Tree Oil penetrates deeply and relieves pain and inflammation associated with soft tissue damage. It also has powerful antimicrobial activity and can act as a local anesthetic to alleviate pain caused by abrasion, sting and insect bites.

Limonene, occurring in nature as a natural citrus fragrance extract is a safe “solvent” and comes from the oil found in the skin of Lemons, Grapefruit, and Oranges. This natural solvent is added to act as a cleaning agent that will remove the harmful mineral oil-based deposits commonly found on the skin by pollution or mineral oil-based cosmetic product.

Isopropanol Rubbing Alcohol is a colourless flammable chemical compound with a strong odour. It is a sterilising and skin cleansing agent and is also commonly used as a disinfectant.

Oil of Wintergreen acts to moderate pain and was the original natural medicine from which Aspirin was developed. Traditionally used by athletes as a well-proven aromatic anti-inflammatory anaesthetic. The warming and penetrating property quickly relieves raw and sensitive skin and is ideal for treating (minor) scrapes, scratches and bruising.

This product contains “Oil of wintergreen” which may be contraindicated for use in conjunction with ‘Warfarin’.